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55 Insane & Rare Historical Photos That Prove Humans Were Just As Weird Then As We Are Now

1. This was a way for testing helmets back in 1912.
Description:- It is not certain who invented the football helmet. In 1896 Lafayette College halfback George “Rose” Barclay began to use straps and earpieces to protect his ears. His headgear soon became known as a “head harness”. It had three thick leather straps forming a close fit around his head, made by a harness maker. Some other sources say that helmets come to life when an Annapolis shoemaker created the first helmet for Admiral Joseph Mason Reeves, who had been advised by a Navy doctor that he would be risking death or “instant insanity” if he took another kick to the head.

2. Miss Perfect Posture, 1956
Description:- Contestants Marianne Baba (left), Lois Conway and Ruth Swenson stand next to plates of their X-Rays during a chiropractor-judged beauty contest.The judges crowned Lois Conway, 18, Miss Correct Posture. Second place went to Marianne Caba, 16, according to an account in the Chicago Tribune. Ruth Swenson, 26, came in third.

3. Soldiers wearing gas masks while peeling onions at Tobruk, 15 October 1941.
Description:- WWII Soldiers wearing gas masks while peeling onions at Tobruk - Libya, October 15, 1941

4. Back in 1954, Ann Hodges became the only confirmed person in history to be hit by a meteorite.
Description:- The Sylacauga meteorite is the first documented extraterrestrial object to have injured a human being in the USA. The grapefruit-sized fragment crashed through the roof of a frame house, bounced off a large wooden console radio, and hit Hodges while she napped on a couch. The 34-year-old woman was badly bruised on one side of her body but able to walk. The event received worldwide publicity.

5. Feeding polar bears from a tank, 1950
Description:- Soviet Soldiers feeding Polar Bears 1950's. They feeding condensed milk to polar bears. Apparently, polar bears are attracted to tanks as they are to ships and submarines, which made them easy targets for men with guns.

6. This Day in History: Swedish Traffic Switches Sides – September 3, 1967
Description:- On Sunday, September 3, 1967, Sweden changed from driving on the left-hand side of the road to driving on the right. As you might imagine, this switch was anything but easy.

7. Beauty Competitions of the 1930s Were All About Hot and Sexy Ankles
Description:- pretty ankle contests were prominent nearly a hundred years ago. Back then, pageants revolving around the physical culture of women were typical, and individual parts were often judged. Aside from ankles, arms and legs were also evaluated. To prevent any form of bias, the contestants would be hidden behind curtains or any sort of cover.

8. Motorcycle Chariot, New South Wales, Australia; ca.1936
Description:- Motorcycle chariot racing was an extreme sport popular in the 1920s and 30s. Motorcycle chariot racing is exactly what it sounds like. A motorcycle (or two) are strapped to the front of a chariot and raced like the good old days of the Roman Empire.

9. Wives wanted 1901
Description:- Without marriage, there could be no stable family units, no children, and no future. And without mail-order brides, one could argue, there might not be a United States of America.

10. Macy's department store detectives posing for a picture with their backs turned so as not to reveal their identity.
Description:- Macy's detective department pose for a photograph with their backs turned so as not to blow their cover, 1948.

11. Boy Scouts examine their boots after a 8,000 mile hike to attend the first Boy Scout Jamboree June 16, 1937
Description:- Two Venezuelan Boy Scouts, Rafael Angel Petit, left, and Juan Carmona, examining their boots after tramping 25 miles a day for two years in order to attend the Boy Scout Jamboree in Washington. They left Caracas Jan. 11, 1935, arriving in Washington today." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative

12. A boy and his riding boar.1930
Description:- The wild boar is a wild pig, is a suid native to much of Eurasia, North Africa, and the Greater Sunda Islands.Its Very Starange to See Small Boy along with Boar

13. A US Marine poses somewhere in the Pacific Islands.1941
Description:- A US Marine, somewhere in the Pacific Islands, poses for the camera. 1941,

14. Teachers having a few drinks on Spring Break, 1910
Description:- Teachers on Spring Break in 1910, Spring break is a vacational period in early Spring at universities and schools which started during the 1900s in the United States

15. Children learning to swim in a schoolyard without access to water, 1920
Description:- Children without access to water learn to swim in a schoolyard. Unlike today, at least they were being taught.

16. The Telefontornet connected 5,000 phone lines in Stockholm, 1890
Description:- Telegraph Tower 1890 Stockholm, Sweden. Before some genius had the brainwave of putting telegraph cables underground, the world was awash with cables, and by the end of the 1800’s cities had started to look like giant spiders webs.

17. Sean Connery meets a young fan and signs her coconut on the set of Dr. No in Jamaica. 1962
Description:- They wouldn't have known it, but in 1961 in the Bahamas, Sean Connery and Ursula Andress weren't just making Dr No - the first James Bond film - they were making history.

18. The US Capitol Building is painted with a layer of red anti-rust paint, before being painted with white again, 1959
Description:- Capitol Building covered with a red protective rust inhibiting coating. The US Capitol Building in 1959 Being Painted in Anti-Rust Paint Prior To The white again.

19. An ancient statue of Ramses the Great gets dismantled and relocated as the Aswan Dam is constructed, 1967
Description:- The Great Temple of Abu Simbel was completed in 1244 BCE. An ancient statue of Ramses the Great is dismantled and relocated during construction of the Aswan Dam in 1967. The complex was relocated in its entirety in 1968, on an artificial hill made from a domed structure, high above the Aswan High Dam reservoir.

20. An elephant loads supplies on an American plane,1945
Description:- Elephants loading supplies in C-46 planes during WW2 In India.

21. The Ku Klux Klan spend the day at the Canon City carnival,1925

22. President Lyndon B. Johnson in his amphibious car. He would prank visitors of his ranch by driving it directly towards the city, 1965

23. British Soldiers with captured German Goliath tank busters, which drove under tanks and exploded,1945

24. The first dog in space, Laika, has her capsule built around her. No provisions were made for her return and she died in orbit,1957

25.Niagara Falls is temporarily dammed while repairs are carried out,1969

26. 12,500 soldiers, nurses and officers from Camp Gordon form a human eagle,1918

27. Meanwhile 30,000 men from Camp Custer follow suit with this human US Shield

28. Helen Hulick was a kindergarten teacher who witnessed a burglary and was subsequently handed a five-day jail sentence for wearing pants to give her courtroom testimony,1938
29. Four horsemen ride the streets during Amsterdam’s ‘motor-less day’, where cars were prohibited due to the oil crisis,1973

30. Queen Elizabeth II rides past a passed out foot guard during a parade,1970

31. After learning that many poverty-stricken women were using sacks to make clothing for their kids, some flower mills began using flowered fabric for their sacks,1939
31. A Ringling Brothers Circus elephant exits a train car,1963

32. A British home barricaded during the Blitz is guarded by a bulldog,1945

33. Edward Llewellen and the 425 lbs World Record black sea bass that he caught single-handedly,1903
34. Before vaccine development, polio patients were encased in iron lungs

35. A dog with its pipe,1875

36. Psychiatric hospital patient Katharina Detzel, who built her own man out of the straw in her bed,1910

37. Boy In A Wheelchair, 1915
Description:- Boy in rolling "invalid cart" c. 1915

38. The awesomely insane Heaven and Hell nightclubs of 1890s Paris
Description:- Patrons at Hell’s Cafe in Paris, which shut down some time in the mid-20th century.

39. Two clowns and Santa visit a girl in hospital

40. The poor man’s Halloween costume,1940s

41. An early R’lyehian steam train after a boiler explosion.

42. A woman rides an early electric scooter, 1916

43. Santa wasn’t always cheerful.
Description:- Vintage Santa photo Child on Donkey Creepy

44. The Isolator, A Bizarre Helmet Invented in 1925 Used to Help Increase Focus and Concentration

45. Contestants at a “Miss Lovely Eyes” pageant in Florida. They wore masks so that judges only scored them on their eyes,1930

46. A terrifying vintage Halloween costume,1910

47. Boys returning from their initiation into the Poro, a secret society in parts of Africa,1936

48. The contestants at a beauty pageant that didn’t want to judge them on their looks.

49. Robert Cornelius' Self-Portrait: The First Ever “Selfie” 1839

50. An elephant stops a tram on Gray's Inn Road to eat an apple from the driver 1936

51. A wooden obstetric teaching device similar to those used by Dr .Smellie in the 18th century

52. Lewis A. Sayre: The First Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in America
Description:- Lewis Albert Sayre (1820–1900) is considered to be among the founding fathers of orthopaedic surgery in the United States.

53. Advertising has changed tremendously over the past 50 years but this advertisement taken at St. Mark’s Square in the 1960’s puts perspective to the amount of hard work it takes to make a great ad.

54. US WW1 armor Brewster Body Shield 40 lbs

55. This photo of a police officer taken during the 1974 flood in Cambridge
Description:-Flooding. Const. John Shuttleworth wore waders as he stood waist-deep in Cambridge on May 17, 1974

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