38 Rare Historical Photos taken in 1886

122 Rare Historical Photos Taken In 1886 & 1890

A Greek theatre in Taormina with the smoke from the eruption of Mount Etna on May 18 1886
Bertha Benz riding the Benz patent motorwagon 1886
Cabinet card image of chess automaton Ajeeb the Wonderful 1886
Child trying to cut a sun beam, 1886
Chinese travelling to market, 1886
Coming Home from the Marshes, 1886, Platinum print - Peter Henry Emerson
Damage after the Charleston earthquake of August 31st 1886
Deputy Sheriff Theodore Roosevelt captures three boat thieves unawares in the Dakota badlands. March, 1886
Franz Liszt, by Nadar, March 1886
Gandhi and his brother Laxmidas, 1886
Gathering Water-Lilies, 1886
George Barker's Silver Springs Florida circa 1886. National Gallery of Art Washington
John L. McMonigle,1886
Leaping the Chasm at Stand Rock, Wisconsin, 1886.
Mad” King Ludwig of Bavaria, The Drowned Swan King, von Frz. Werner, Munich, Cabinet Card, 1886
Parasol maker, by Adolfo Farsari, 1886
Pioneer women with horses and sod house (Custer County, Nebraska - 1886)
Reeds being harvested on the Norfolk Broads, England, 1886
Ruins of McRae's Hotel, Te Wairoa, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, after the eruption of Mount Tarawera volcano, 10th June 1886, photo by Charles C. Spencer
Spaghetti Eaters in Naples,1886. By Giorgio Sommer
Vancouver Police Department, 1886

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