San Francisco’s Sutro Baths (1894

17 Must See Historical Photos 1894

Very Interesting Photos Collection from 1891 to 1895, You will love see this all historical Photos Collections.

A cat righting itself mid-air after being dropped, chronophotography by Étienne-Jules Marey, 1894.
Burning ghats at Benares, 1894
Downtown Portland, OR During the Great Flood of 1894
Harvard vs. University of Pennsylvania Thanksgiving Day Football Game, 1894
Japanese troops during the Sino-Japanese War 1894
Jules-Albert de Dion and passengers in the steam powered tractor he used to 'win' the Paris–Rouen, Le Petit Journal Horseless Carriages Contest. 1894
Millie Betra,The Serpent Queen, 1894
Model of the Moon at Field Columbian Museum, Chicago, ca. 1894
Opening of Swedish railroad Norra Stambanan in Boden 2 august 1894
Otto Lilienthal in flight, first person to make successful glider flights. 1894
Queen Victoria, with her son who would become King Edward VII, her grandson who would become King George V and her great-grandson who would become King Edward VIII, 1894
Rebuilding monument 40 along the Mexican-US border, 1894.
Ruins of a House Destroyed by a Bombardment of Rebel Battleships during the Brazilian Naval Revolts in Rio de Janeiro, 1894.
San Francisco’s Sutro Baths (1894
Unveiling of statue of Russian tsar Alexander II, Helsinki, April 29th, 1894
Winter in Quebec City around 1894

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