25 Rare Photos From The Past In History Books #Part 3

Interesting Photographs From The Past The beginning of the 1900 era.

Marines of Company D, 2nd Light Armored Infantry Battalion, stand guard with their LAV-25 light armored vehicles outside .
Members of the British empire's armed forces gather for a group portrait before taking part in a procession to mark Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee, 22nd June 1897
Muslims of Serbian Army Laying Oath before the Mufti of Nis Nis Serbia, 1915
New York National Guard circa 1899
Otto von Bismarck on a horse after becoming a first Chancellor of the German Empire, 21 March 1871
Parisians - and untold numbers of refugees from other countries - who had been trapped in Paris since the Germans captured the capital in 1940 - pour into the streets when the German garrison surrendered the French capital on 25 August 1944.
Paul Peck in a Curtis Aeroplane 1911
Queen Victoria of Great Britain with her grandson future Emperor of Germany Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1864
Romanian troops entering the Transylvanian town of Cluj after Transylvania declared its unification with the Kingdom of Romania (late 1918)
Satellite watchers in the Space Computational Center, NORAD Headquarters, track all the satellites orbiting earth. 1979
SBD Dive Bomber Dauntless teeters on the nose on the flight deck of USS Cabot (CVL-28) 28th June 1943
Senators of the 7th Philippine Congress return to the chambers for the final time, 3 months after the declaration of martial law. January 22, 1973
Serbian Army near Edirne Adrianople 1913
Soviet Bombers (1970) by Lev Polikashin
Stalin’s son, Yakov Dzhugashvili, captured by the Germans in July 1941 near Vitebsk, Belorussian SSR
The artist L.S.Lowrey looks over Salford Viaduct. Manchester. England. 1962
The Battle for Cable Street Between the British Union of Fascists and Various Anti-Fascist Groups - London, England (October 4, 1936)
The Delhi Durbar of 1911, with King George V and Queen Mary seated upon the dais.
The French destroyer BOURRASQUE sinking off Dunkirk loaded with troops, 30 May 1940
The smallest working steam machine in the world, 6.25 cm long and 2.5 high, at a technical fair in New York, 1935.
Two wounded German POW receiving medical attention from the Americans, 1918
Tring museum Walter Rothschild riding tortoise
Winston Church join Ancient and Archaeological Order of Druids in 1908
Yuri Gagarin on the flight that would make him the first person to ever fly in space 1961

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