Hotel chef with a turtle that will be used to make turtle soup for Independence Day celebrations. 1922

27 Utterly Unique Historical Photos That Shed Light on the Past #Part 2

Coke Pile at the Aluminum Reduction Works, Aluminum Company of America, Cleveland, Ohio, 1934
Crash site of the USS Shenandoah,the first of four United States Navy rigid airships (Zeppelin). In 1925 it was caught in a thunderstorm and crashed in Ohio killing 14 crew members.
Druse bride of Mt. Lebanon, Syria, 1910-1925
Elin Wägner standing next to roughly 350,000 signatures demanding women get the right to vote. Sweden 1914
Empire State Building Under Construction, Lewis Wickes Hine, 193
Fans in Trees. Match between Belgium and Holland in 1913
Fever machine designed to fight infection by raising a patient's body temperature (1935)
Gavrilo Princip gets detained immediately after shooting Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarejevo (24 June 1914)
Georgia “Tiny” Broadwick, the first woman to jump from an airplane. Between 1913 and 1922, she completed over 1100 jumps. She invented the ripcord and she is the only female member of the Early Birds of Aviation. c.1913-1922.
I. Weltkrieg 1914-1918 Übungsdivision Flammenwerfer in Tätigkeit
Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia, 1913
Great Paris Exhibition Telescope of 1900
Hotel chef with a turtle that will be used to make turtle soup for Independence Day celebrations. 1922
The Sioux chief Hollow Horn Bear (whose image was on the $5 bill) led a delegation of Indians to the inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson. He caught pneumonia during the visit and died. in 1913
In August of 1867 Union Pacific railroad worker William Thompson was attacked by a band of Cheyenne Indians, scalped, and left for dead
Japanese suffragist, Kamako Kimura, visiting the U.S. in 1917.
John D. Rockefeller, Sr. gives a nickel to a child on his 84th birthday, 1923
Kaiser Wilhelm II. inspecting troops, 1905
Knockaloe Skittles. A group of German 'aliens' enjoying a game of skittles on an outdoor track, Isle of Man. 1914 1918.
Kotsuis and Hohhug, Nakoaktok - Nakoaktok men in ceremonial dress, with long beaks, crouching on their haunches c. 1914.
Ksar Kabaw (Kabaw Castle), Nalut, Libya, ca. 1935
Le Creusot steel mill pavilion at the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle(EXPO)
Leading Dada artist Hugo Ball, performing as Magical Bishop in Zurich, 1916.
Lexington battlecruiser to aircraft carrier conversion models illustrating the genesis of the Lexington-class aircraft carrier design. In the foreground is a model of an aircraft carrier design converted from the battlecruiser hull. 1922.

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