Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder filming the first Superman movie, January, 1978

30 Historical Photos Not Suitable for History Books | Rarely seen historical Photos #part 2

Completed and restored’, plaque on the castle of Hans-Hasso von Veltheim (‘Completed and restored, 1929’), Ostrau, near Halle, Germany,
De Havilland Goblin Jet Engine From a De Havilland Vampire - RAF Khasfareet, Suez 1950's
Defender arcade cabinets rolling off the assembly line 1981.
Eight year old future Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with his father, Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau and British PM Margaret Thatcher, 1980
Fishermen return to Kumkapi in Istanbul at first light. 1950
Harry Britton , founder of the 'International Association of Dissatisfied Husbands', campaigns for 'Husband Liberation', New York City, 1976
Henri Cartier-Bresson 1954. SOVIET UNION. Russia. Moscow. 1954. Moscow Circus.
Hindenburg's tower, where the coffin with his corpse was placed, 02.10.1935. Four-metre high stone effigies of soldiers, made in the yeas 1935-1936 by the German sculptor Paul Bronisch, stand at the sides of the crypt.
I don't like Mondays Brenda Ann Spencer in police custody after the Cleveland Elementary School shooting. January 1979
Martin Luther King Jr. is booked at the Montgomery Jail in 1958 for civil rights activism.
Men admiring the Mona Lisa, which was temporarily displayed in the Uffizi. The painting was found in Florence 2 years after having been stolen from the Louvre. 1913
Muhammad Ali joke fighting Sylvester Stallone at the 1976 Oscars.
National Guardsmen questioning an African American during the riots that traumatized Chicago in late July, 1919.
Navy North American SNJ-5C Texan assigned to Carrier Qualification Training Unit (CQTU) 4 at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station Barin Field, Alabama (USA), crashes on board the carrier USS Monterey (CVL 26) in the Gulf of Mexico in 1953.
Night fishing in Hawaii, 1948
Mrs. Barbara Fellows, of South Kensington, shows her disapproval of joining the Common Market with stickers on her handbag and on her hat. 10 oct 1971
Harry Britton , founder of the 'International Association of Dissatisfied Husbands', campaigns for 'Husband Liberation', New York City, 1976
One of more than 150 female Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne who participated in the first ever all-female parachute jump in the history of the U.S. Army. May 14, 1980.
Polish soldier bonding with his horse, 1980-90.
President Ford Stumbles and Falls Down Airforce One's stairs - Austria 1975
President Gerald Ford discusses with George H.W Bush in the Oval Office of Bush taking over CIA as director. 1975
President Giovanni Leone giving the Sign of the Horns to some students in Pisa, Italy, 10 18 1975
President Ronald Reagan (R) and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev applaud after signing the historic arms control agreement banning intermediate-range nuclear missiles in the East Room of the White House on December 8, 1987.
Prince Arthur (son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) as a fairy prince, 1874.
Princess Viktoria Luise, a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, wearing the uniform of the Leib Husaren Regt Nr. 2 and the honorary colonel of the regiment, ca. 1910.
Production of a Boeing B-17F (Flying Fortress) heavy bomber, Seattle, 1942
Queen Marie of Romania and her daughter princess Ileana at Peleș Castle, 1914

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