30 Rare Photos From The Past #Part 2

B-17 Bombers with contrails, 1944
B-26 Marauder bomber, hit by ground-based anti-aircraft fire, crashing over Toulon, France, 24 Nov 1943
British Muslim protesters burn The Satanic Verses in Bradford, 1989
Bucket boys or kesseljunge delivered growlers of beer from local taverns to nearby factories for workers to drink during breaks, 1892.
C-47 preparing for takeoff in front of the Rock of Gibraltar during WWII - 1940s
Bust of Alfonso XIII in Barcelona after declaring the Republic. 1931
Captain Georg Von Trapp (whose life was later fictionalized in the Sound of Music) on the bridge of Austrian submarine SM U-5 1915
Charlie Chaplin, 1916. The movie legend is 27 years old here.
Chicago race riot of 1919.
Church parade of 5th Battalion, Victoria Square, Montreal, Canada, part of the festivities surrounding Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee 20 June 1897
Civil rights protester Taylor Washington, a high school student, is arrested at Lebs Delicatessen, Atlanta, Georgia, 1963
Collapse of communism dismantling statue of the Soviet statesman Felix Dzerzhinsky. Warsaw, Poland, 1989
Cycle orderlies under fire, World War I, c. 1918
Danish resistance fighters holding up and disarming german soldiers, Copenhagen 1945
Early Michelin Man, Santa Clara, CA 1926
Female IRA Fighters - Northern Ireland, 1970.
Female police officers London 1919.
Fred Rogers and producer-director Sam Silberman prepare King Friday's castle in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. for the dayÕs taping.
Grace Edwards with insect models. Grace Edwards was employed on an unofficial basis by the Entomology Department of the Natural History Museum, London, UK, to prepare illustrations and models of specimens. Photographed in October 1926.
Indian ascetic with an iron necklace, India 1870.
Iranian women protesting against the Hijab law in 1979
Italian soldiers wearing the Adrian helmet outfitted with the Dunand splinter guard visor. 1918
Japanese cruiser Aoba undergoing sea trials, 23 July 1927
June 1939 Worker finishing half of the sand mold for an air-cooled airplane cylinder head at Aluminum Co. of America factory.
King Alexander of Yugoslavia and French foreign minister Louis Barthou just moments before they were both assassinated by a Bulgarian revolutionary in Marseille, France. (1934
King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom surrounded by heralds of the College of Arms prior to his only State Opening of Parliament, 3 November 1936
Koreans punished with the cangue - 1906
Life in wartime. Kiev, 1943
Londoners celebrate victory in Europe. May 8th, 1945
Lt. Chuck Yeager of the 357th Fighter Group and P-51 Mustang Glamorous Glen II 1944
Man dragging bits of Stalin statue after it was legalized to take down the statues of him, Budapest, 1990

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