Loggers with big load, Michigan, circa 1890

31 Rare Historical Photos taken in 1890

A cart dog takes a rest, Netherlands 1890
A group of Victorians doing the cakewalk, c. 1890
A man getting a massage at the Oriental baths in Tbilisi, Georgia, 1890
A prisoner being punished by falak (being beaten on the soles of the feet) in Iran ca. 1890
A woman undergoing treatment for mental illness in German stands in a narrow cell, her arms affixed to the wall in the attitude of the crucifixion (circa 1890).
A young boy has his rotted teeth examined at Friern psychiatric hospital, London, UK, c. 1890
Britain handing over Helgoland to the German Empire, 10 August 1890
Dog cart in Volendam, Netherlands, 1890
Dresden, Germany, 1890's
Execution by cannon, Shiraz, Iran. 1890s.
Famous performer Paul Conchas juggles rifles. He fired these off as he juggled them. c late 1890
French armored cruiser Dupuy de Lôme Brest France - 1890
Guests riding a Thompson Gravity Switchback Railway (an early form of a roller coaster) in front of the Arcadia Hotel, Santa Monica Beach California (circa 1890).
HMS Victoria passing a swing bridge while en route from Armstrong Shipyard at Elswick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, circa 1890
Japanese ladies preparing dinner, 1890
Loggers with big load, Michigan, circa 1890
Open Market Day, Montreal, 1890
People wearing earbuds listening to a phonograph with for the first time during a cattle show in Tonstad, Norway, c. 1890's
Photograph of a slave boy in Zanzibar. 'An Arab master's punishment for a slight offence. ' Around year 1890.
Ranavalona III, last Queen of Madagascar, (1890)
Ruins of the ancient kingdom of Lahkam Ha, by Alfred Maudslay 1890
Sailor from the protected cruiser USS San Francisco (C-5) holding a revolver and sabre, while standing next to one of the 6-inch guns, 1890
Stockholm Central Railway Station, 1890
The Column of Constantine & Gazi Atik Ali Pasha Mosque, Istanbul, 1890
The Grapes, Limehouse, London 1890
The London Underground during the Victorian Era, c. 1890s.
Three archers practicing Kyudo, a Japanese form of archery, circa 1890
Tower Bridge, London. 1890
Woman using a keypunch to tabulate the United States Census, ca.1890's
Wool sorting room at Clifton Station, New South Wales, Australia, 1890
Yup'ik medicine man exorcising evil spirits from a sick boy in Nushagak, Alaska, 1890s

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