A crime scene reenactment for the Chicago Tribune series Police Reporter 1943

32 Mysterious Historical Photos that may never be explained

A 100-foot-long section of the Interstate 95 bridge spanning the Mianus River in Greenwich, CT, collapsed June 29, 1983. Three people were killed and three were seriously injured when their vehicles plunged 70 feet to the river.
A crime scene reenactment for the Chicago Tribune series Police Reporter 1943
A New Jersey prohibition director, right, gives a Newark garage owner an approved sign for selling alcohol that can be used in car radiators in 1927
A section of the Los Angeles aqueduct at No Name Canyon is shown after dynamite was used to destroy 400 feet of pipe in 1927
A view along the port side of the main deck on board the four-masted barque Parma, looking forward. A heavy sea is washing across the deck and two seamen are working at the capstan. 1933
Acrobats at the top of Empire State Building, possibly May 1, 1931 since a google search tells me that this stunt was performed at the opening of the Empire State Bldng .
Al Capone in court, October 1931.
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) demonstrating how telephone uses electricity to send sound over great distances, Lyceum Hall in Salem, Massachusetts, March 15, 1877, United States, engraving, 19th century
An overland car being driven down steps of Sydney Town Hall Photos Milton Kent, photographer, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, mid 1920
Armored Heimwehr cars are patrolling the streets in Vienna, Austria, July 1934
Engine Company 31 Firehouse, 87 Lafayette Street between Walker Street and White Street, New York City, 1897
Eunuch guarding a harem, 1931
FBI mug shot of Lester Gillis, AKA Baby Face Nelson, 1931
Fire lookout built by Pete Miller in 1927 on the Quinault Indian Reservation on a ridge above Cook Creek overlooking the Olympic National Forest. Lookout cubicle is seven by seven feet, the spiral ladder is made from steel rods in the trunk joined together by logging cable.
First Gucci store in New York, 1953
Franz Kruckenberg, German aircraft engineer built the Schienenzeppelin in 1929.
French designer Yves Saint Laurent, center, surrounded by some of his models acknowledges applause from the audience following the presentation of the Spring collection in Paris in 1984
French Marshals Joseph Joffre and Ferdinand Foch, ca. 1926 1928
French pilot Hubert Latham is trying to fly first English Channel, 1909. It's unfortunate.
George Gallup, right, director of the American Institute for Public Opinion, and the institute’s chief statistician, Edward G. Benson, in Princeton, N.J., in 1941.
German occupation of Oslo 9th of April 1940, WW2, Operation Weserübung
Gertrude 'Billie' Murphy, 22, is brought in for questioning in the murder case of Michael Stopec, who was shot and killed in an apartment hotel (1927). It was believed Stopec was killed by another man who was jealous of Murphy's affections.
Goliath the elephant seal and his keeper at Vincennes Zoo, Paris (1936)
Gulag labourers unload large rocks during the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal. 1932 Northern Russia
Harold Pitcairn flies his Autogiro Windmill from Pennsylvania to Washington D.C., May 14, 1929
Heavy Churchill Tanks of the 8th 'Desert Rats' Army Lead British Army Victory Parade, Berlin, July 21st 1945.
Hundreds of people line up for the free Christmas dinner at the New York Municipal Lodging House during the Great Depression, December 25, 1931
Inhabitants of Milan leave the city after the heavy Allied bombing raids, August 1943.
Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni being arrested after murdering Austrian Empress Elisabeth, Geneva 1898

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