44 Utterly Unique Historical Photos That Shed Light on the Past Part

2 airmen in a machine gun nest on top of the giant gas bags that make up a Zeppelin 1916
8-Year-Old Harold Wilson in front of 10 Downing Street 1924, and 52 years later after resigning as Prime Minister.
Circus strongman Stefan demonstrates his strength by towing a motorcar with his teeth through the streets of Berlin 1925
Technicians at Goodyear Aircraft Corp work on an inflatable space habitat concept for NASA 1961
A boxing match on board the USS Oregon in 1897
A Brazilian Madame and her Housemaid. Rio de Janeiro 1915.
A French biplane stuck in a tree after the pilot tried to make an emergency landing, Belgium, 1915
A GE electric charging station with an electric car circa 1911
A M41 Walker Bulldog tank in front of the National Congress during the 1964 coup d'etat. Brasilia, Brazil. March 31, 1964
A strongman in the French army lifting a cannon overhead along with three of his comrades astride it, 1917
A Vietnamese woman carries her children and possessions on bamboo pole as she tries to escape fierce fighting in the Cholon suburb of Saigon during the Viet Cong Mini Tet offensive of the Vietnam War in May 1968.
A young Ho Chi Minh speaking to the French Communist Party in Paris in 1920
Actress Maty Huitrón walking down Madero street, Mexico City, 1953
Adolf Hitler and his officials visiting the Les Invalides, the tomb of Napoléon Bonaparte at Paris, France 1940
Aftermath of the 1962 Kentish Town Road rail accident, near Camden Gardens, London .
Aftermath of the attack on the President of the Government Luis Carrero Blanco by the terrorist group ETA. Madrid (1973
An elephant used by German soldiers to move heavy logs near the Western Front of World War I, 1915
An unidentified soldier shows off the latest advances in body armor 1915
Armed police and Winston Churchill gingerly survey cornered anarchists during the Siege of Sydney Street January 1911
Autochrome of a Buddhist lama in Beijing, China, 1913
Ballerina Anna Pavlova, Vienna, 1913
Battleship guns under construction at the Washington Navy Yard, 1917
Bobby Fischer Vs. Boris Spassky Game 6, World Chess Championship, Reykjavík Iceland 1972
British police arresting a suffragette for protesting in favor of her right to vote, 1913
British tank manoeuvring over a trench during the Battle of Cambrai, 20 November - 7 December 1917
Canadians giving a lorry a helping hand on a shell battered road on Vimy Ridge. April, 1917
Catacomb of the Capuchines, Palermo, Giuseppe Incorpora, 1870'
Chief Justice Taft, President Harding, and Robert Todd Lincoln at the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial, 1922
Children striking against sweatshops in Northampton, PA, prepare to meet with Governor Gifford Pinchot, April 19, 1933
Circus hippo pulling a cart 1924

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