Crashed JU-52 at Maleme Airfield, April-May 1941

68 Historical Photos Not Suitable for History Books | Rarely seen historical Photos

(April 28, 1975) Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reacts to President Gerald R. Ford's decision to initiate the final evacuation of Americans from Saigon
41st Engineers on parade at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, March 1942
1893 Chicago World's Fair, lighting by Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse, photo by William Henry Jackson, from the Field Museum archive
A French woman accused of collaborating with the occupying German forces is escorted by a member o.
A man injured during race riots in Detroit, Michigan, June 20, 1943
A one-armed blacksmith named Patrick O'Neill using his specially made prosthetic arm, Tottenham, England, November, 1929
A photograph of some liquidators from Chernobyl disaster on the roof of Reactor three taken by Igor Kostin. The white streaks at t..
A woman having a skin peel to remove freckles, Budapest, Hungary, 1937
A wounded British soldier sees his daughters for the first time since his evacuation from France, 9th June 1940.
American soldiers in Vladivostok, Russia, part of the American Expeditionary Force to Siberia, 1918
AMX-30 of 11ème Régiment de Chasseurs in West Berlin. 11 June 1988.
An American pilot in an F-94C jet at 25,000 feet, testing weightlessness with a very scared cat. This was before any human had ever been in space. 1958
B-17 bombers encounter heavy flak fire over Merseburg, Germany c.1944
Berlin Airlift. Lieutenant Leo M. Sabota became the first Navy pilot flying the Berlin Airlift to complete 100 missions to the blockade..
Bridal camel in Turkmen wedding procession, Aqcha , Jowzjan, Afghanistan, 1943
Che Guevara with French philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, 1960
Chief Bone Necklace an Oglala Lakota from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, 1899
Children on swings on Eid occasion at Peshawar market, Pakistan, 1957.
Children pose with an 8-ton ballistic block at Kīlauea volcano, Hawaii. Some of the large.
Communist Party of Indonesia Anniversary Celebration With Aidit (left) and Soekarno (right), 23rd May 1965
Crashed JU-52 at Maleme Airfield, April-May 1941
David Ben-Gurion proclaiming Israeli independence from the United Kingdom on May 14, 1948
Displaying his honors and service from World War I, an American veteran arrives at the Santa Anita Pa
Donald Manson, ice master and whaling captain, photographed on the sloop Phoenix off the coast of Greenland, 1854
During World War I drive, Red Cross soliciting contributions by literally sucking them out of a crowd with a vacuum cleaner, May 25, 1917
Elliott's parents were Laura and Thomas Elliott (T.E.) Donnelley, who built their Clinola estate and country home on Green Bay Road in 1911.
Father Charles E. Coughlin speaks at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, May 1936.
Forced labour camp during the construction of the Congo-Ocean Railway (1930). Workers ..........................
Frank Alvord Perret with an improvised geophone listening to subterranean noises at the Campi Flegrei, Italy. 1906-1907
Freddie Ford promotional robot and model Mary Ann Laurel at the Chicago Auto Show 1966
German soldiers held up and disarmed by resistance fighters in Copenhagen, 1945.
Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada, 1950
Greek artillery shelling in the Morava height, November 1940
Hitler Youth play tug of war while training in gas masks. Worms, Germany. 1933.
Iranian Child Soldier Comes Home to His Brother's Funeral, 1989
Japanese cruiser Mikuma destroyed in Battle of Midway, some Japanese credit one of attack leaders Capt. Richard E. Fleming
June 1946 The hull of Howard Hughes' H-4.
Life in the industrial area of the South Side of Chicago, 1940
Louis Coulon In 1904, is well know for his 13 foot long beard which he held cats in.
Major General George Owen Squier 1918
Miners using an aerial tram to descend into the Kimberly Diamond Mine in South Africa, ca. 1885
Minnie Paster, 10 years old. Tending stand at Bowery & Bond. New York. July 1910.
Nelson Mandela acknowledges a crowd of ANC supporters April 21, 1994 in Durban, South Africa. The pre-election rally is just days before the historic democratic election on April 27, 1994 that Mr. Mandela won. Mr. Mandela became the first black democratic elected president in South Africa. He retired from office after one term in June 1999. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson./Corbis via Getty Images)
Park Ranger demonstrating torch throwing at Mammoth Cave National Park in the 1960s.
Partisan before hanging out of the Nazis shouting Death to fascism,freedom to people (Smrt fašizmu,sloboda narodu ) 1944
Placement of the four ton gold-plated cross during construction of St Sava's Temple, Belgrade, May 12th 1989
President Ronald Reagan as he sits in the Captain’s chair on the navigation bridge of USS Constellation (CV-64) during a visit to the aircraft carrier. USN photo, 20 August 1981.
Prisoners and U.S. Army soldiers stand behind the gate of Buchenwald concentration camp, which reads Jedem das seine (To each what he deserves) - April 1945
Rendezvous at the London Stock Exchange, 1937
Robert H. Stanley, awarded the Medal of Honor for carrying messages under heavy fire during the Boxer Rebellion, 1900.
Rosemary Mariner standing in front of her A-7 Corsair II, 1976. Mariner was the very first female Naval Aviator.
Samburu Women, Kenya, 1985
September October of 1942 in Camp Kwitcherbelliakin (Quit-Your-Belly-Aching), during WWII in ..
Soldiers of Company E, 93rd New York Infantry. August, 1863
The Kingfish Huey Long Speech while Running for Governor, Louisiana, 1928.
The U.S. Navy’s dirigible Los Angeles, upended after a turbulent wind from the Atlantic flipped the 700-foot airship on its nose at Lakehurst, New Jersey, 1926
This day 47 years ago British troops opened fire on unarmed Catholic civil rights protestors, killing 14 people, 30 January 1972, Derry, Northern Ireland
U.S. Army soldiers with an M28 M29 Davy Crockett tactical recoilless rifle mounted on a jeep and equipped with an M388 nuclear projectile, c.1961
U.S. President Ronald Reagan meeting with Afghan mujahedin leaders in 1983
Union lines, Overland Campaign, May 25, 1864
US Marines take cover behind a M48 Patton from VC sniper fire in Hue during the Tet offensive, 1968
Workers assembling Browning-Inglis Hi-Power pistols at the John Inglis munitions plant, Toronto, Canada, April 1944
Working inside a printing press at RR Donnelley and Sons, Chicago, Illinois, 1942
World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov (right) playing a demonstration game at the XVII Komsomol Congress, Moscow, Russia, April 24, 1978
Young Vietnam protester placing a flower in the barrel of a rifle held by a National Guardsman. October 22, 1967

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