HM Queen Elizabeth II & HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Coronation, 2 June 1953.

69 Historical Photos All About the Name of Queen Elizabeth follows the personal life of England’s Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch in historical PHOTOS.Queen Elizabeth belongs to Royal Family Tree: 10 Members in Line to Succeed the Throne.

4 boys doing bridge dives while a young Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip look on, Waitangi, New Zealand (1953)
8 May 1945 Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, King George VI and Princess Margaret wave from the balcony of Buckingham Palace during VE Day celebrations
A boy peers through the legs of an RAF serviceman for a glimpse of the wedding procession of Princess Elizabeth......
A Cecil Beaton portrait of the teenaged future Queen of England Princess Elizabeth wearing her ATS uniform 1942
A church service being conducted beneath the forward 15-in guns of HMS Queen Elizabeth off the coast of the Gallipoli peninsula during the Battle of Gallipoli, Jun 19 1915
A teenager named Marcus Sarjeant became the last person to date to be convicted under the Treason Act of 1842, after he fired a replica gun at the Queen on this day in 1981.
A Young Queen Elizabeth II (1950s)
An R.C.M.P. officer a Mountie assists King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II to get into a car in Vancouver, British Columbia. May 30, 1939
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary ascended to the British throne on February 6, 1952, upon her father, George VI's sudd,..
England Captain Bobby Moore after receiving the World Cup from Queen Elizabeth II, 1966
Haile Selassie with Queen Elizabeth II waving to the crowds that welcomed him on the occasion of his state visit to the United Kingdom in 1958
HM Queen Elizabeth II & HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Coronation, 2 June 1953.
HMS ‘Valiant’, the Fairfield-built Queen Elizabeth class battleship of the 5th Battle Squadron, passing Clydebank, February 1916
King George VI & Queen Elizabeth (first car) proceed up the Westside Highway en route to the New York World's Fair, on June 10, 1939
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth strolled in front of the New Zealand exhibit at the New York World’s Fair when they visited the international exposition on June 10, 1939.
King George VI riding with his daughters Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) & Princess Margaret , in Windsor Great Park - 21 April 1939
King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill inspect damage to Buckingham Palace after it was hit during an air raid September 1940
Launch of the Queen Elizabeth II from Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Glasgow, Scotland September 20, 1967
Marcus Sarjeant firing six blank shots at Queen Elizabeth during the Trooping The Colour ceremony in London, June 13, 1981
Ocean liner Queen Elizabeth sinks in Hong Kong harbour, 1972
President Franklin D. Roosevelt taking King George VI and Queen Elizabeth out for a drive in Hyde Park, New York. June 11, 1939
President Gerald Ford dances with Queen Elizabeth during a White House state dinner honoring the Queen's US Bicentennial visit to Washington DC, July 7, 1976
Prince Charles and Queen Mother attend Queen Elizabeth II Coronation 1953
PRINCE Philip has been hailed as “physically spotless” by a Royal admirer who witnessed the Prince of Edinburgh and the Queen as a child during their 1961 tour of Sierra Leone
Princess Elizabeth II of England and Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, posed on their wedding day Nov. 20, 1947.
Princess Elizabeth, General Jan Smuts, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth I (Queen Mother) and Princess Margaret stand at the foot of Table Mountain - Cape Town, South Africa, 1947
Queen Elizabeth II & Marilyn Monroe. They have met at the premiere of The Battle of the River Plate in 1956. Both were 30
Queen Elizabeth II addresses a vast gathering of more than a quarter of a million in India, 1961
Queen Elizabeth II and Dwight Eisenhower meet in DC on October 17, 1957
Queen Elizabeth II and Mobutu Sese Seko, president of Zaire. 1973
Queen Elizabeth II and New South Wales Premier Bob Askin at the opening of the Sydney Opera House, October, 1973.
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh on board the Gothic as the ship negotiates the Miraflores locks in the Panama Canal on December 3, 1953
Queen Elizabeth II firing a British L85 battle rifle in Surrey, England. 1993
Queen Elizabeth II giving her first televised Christmas message 60 years ago (1957)
Queen Elizabeth II in Cologne during her first official visit to Germany, 1965.
Queen Elizabeth II is greeted by Sir Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, Anthony Eden and Frederick James Marquis as she returns from Kenya after the death of her father. February 8, 1952
Queen Elizabeth II is helped into her raincoat on arrival at Keewatin Community College, The Pas, Manitoba, July 11, 1970.
Queen Elizabeth II opens the first commercial nuclear power station, the Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station in Sellafield, Cumbria Oct 17, 1956
Queen Elizabeth II perches in a howdah on the back of an elephant at Benares, during her tour of India, 25th January 1961
Queen Elizabeth II presents the 1966 World Cup trophy to England captain Bobby Moore after England beat West Germany in the final at Wembley Stadium, July 30, 1966.
Queen Elizabeth II views the 2,000-year-old Terra Cotta Warriors during a visit to Xian, China, 1986.
Queen Elizabeth II with her son and heir, Prince Charles. 1949.
Queen Elizabeth II with Maryland governor Theodore McKeldin (right) and University of Maryland president Wilson Homer Bull Elkins..
Queen Elizabeth II with President of Tunisia in Tunis October 1980
Queen Elizabeth II's wedding cake, 1947
Queen Elizabeth Serves As A Mechanic - 1945
RMS Queen Elizabeth bringing American troops back home, New York harbour 1945
Rosalie Fairbanks, a guide to the New York World's Fair, points to the theme of the exposition -- the Trylon and Perisphere -- in New York on February 22...
The bridal procession carrying Princess Elizabeth and her father King George VI is seen turning into Whitehall in London on November 20th, 1947, with the sovereign's escort of Household
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the launch of Britannia, 1953
The Queen Elizabeth Coronation, 1953
The royal pair were married in a traditional ceremony that took place on November 20, 1947 at Westminster Abbey.
Three Queens in mourning at the funeral for King George VI who died in 1952. The photo shows, from L to R, Princess Elizabeth (the new Queen).
Trooping the Colour Ceremony, marking the Queen's official birthday, in June 1957. HM Queen Elizabeth II, flanked by HRH The Duk.....
U.S. troops returning from Europe fill every porthole, as the HMS Queen Elizabeth pulls into a pier in New York Harbor August 31, 1945
Victory parade, London. On the dais, left to right are HM Queen Elizabeth, HM King George VI, Princess Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Princess M...
Women use mirrors to catch sight of Queen Elizabeth II, photo by Inge Morath, June 2 1953, Coronation Day, London
Young Queen Elizabeth as a mechanic during WW2 (c. 1939)

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