A helicopter lifts a 155mm howitzer cannon to the top of a hill during a U.S. Marines-South Vietnam thrust around Khe Sanh in January 1969.

70 Historical Planes Photographs (1939 to 1950) You Won’t Find In History books

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“ENS F. T. Long from Torpedo 2 [VT-2] wrote off TBM-1C BuNo 45593” in June 1944.
A helicopter lifts a 155mm howitzer cannon to the top of a hill during a U.S. Marines-South Vietnam thrust around Khe Sanh in January 1969.
A Pan Am flying boat at the New York City Marine Air Terminal circa the 1940
A-1E 1st SOS Vietnam c1966
Air HistoryA F6F Hellcat crash lands onboard the USS Enterprise, 10th of November, 1943.
An American B-17 bombing raid, by the 8th Air Force, on the Focke Wulf factory in Germany, 9 October 1943
Asisbiz article about Vought F4U 2 Corsair VF(N) 101 Det B CVG 6 aboard CV 11 USS Intrepid off Truk 16th Feb 1944
Asisbiz Grumman F6F-5B Hellcat VF-17 White C142 preparing for launch CVB-43 USS Coral Sea 28th Mar 1948
BF-110 fitted with Nebelwerfer mortar in 1944.
BR, Vietnam, 1975, Operation Eagle Pull & Operation Frequent Wind (evacuation of Saigon),
Burning F6F-5 Hellcat white 23 from VF-9 USS Lexington (CV-16) – 25 February 1945
CV-16 SBD Dauntless dive bombers attack Japanese carrier force at Midway 4 June 1942
dog ate my tank - © Al Chang 1963 US soldiers, Vietnam
F4F-4 Wildcat fighters and SBD Dauntless dive bombers being prepared to launch from the flight deck of USS Hornet, off Midway, 4 Jun 1942
F4F-4 Wildcat of VF-41 in 1942
F4U-1 Corsair 82 of VF-10 on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise CV-6 – March 20, 1943
F4U-1 VF-17 landing on USS Charger (CVE-30) 1943
F6F-3 Hellcats of VF-8 in flight 1943
Fall of Saigon (1975) USS Kirk Crew members push a Huey helicopter into the ocean to make room on the Kirk's small deck for more incoming crafts carrying Vietnamese refugee
First Person by Captain Thomas A. Pienta, U.S. Army (ret.) November 27, 1968
Goodyear FG 1D Corsair VBF 88 White 41 CV 10 USS Yorktown 18th July 1945
Grumman F6F-5P Hellcat VF 16 White 99 landing CV 31 USS Bon Homme Ricard 16th Jan 1945-01
Hovering US Army helicopters pour machine gun fire into a tree line to cover the advance
Hughes XH-17 Flying Crane 1952
In December 1966, the first personnel with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 touched down in Da Nang, Vietnam, without
In this April 29, 1975, photo, a helicopter lifts off from the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam, during last-minute evacuation of authorized personnel and civilians
Lightly-wounded civilians and troops attempt to push their way aboard a South Vietnamese evacuation helicopter hovering over a stretch of Highway 13 near An Loc in Vietnam on June 25, 1972.
Marine F4U Corsair of VMF-123 aboard USS Bennington after crashing against the island breaking in half and catching fire 14 February 1945 off Iwo Jima.
Over two days in April 1975, as the forces of the North Vietnamese Army were poised to take the So,....
Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941
removed from deck - USS Ranger - 1942
Sea Stallions approach USS Midway during Operation Frequent Wind, 29 April 1975
September 21, 1966 US Marines emerge from their muddy foxholes at sunrise after a third night of fighting against continued attacks of north Vietnamese 324 B division troops
Starboard side view of the carrier Yorktown (Essex-class) with an F6F-3 Hellcat fighter of VF-1 on the flight deck above the athwartship hangar deck catapult June 1943.
TBDs on USS Ranger 1942
TBM 3 Avengers VT 84 White 301 landing CV 17 Bunker Hill Feb 1945
TBM-1 VT-26 in flight 1944
The body of a US paratrooper killed in action in the jungle near the Cambodian border is lifted up to an evacuation helicopter in war zone C on 14 May 1966
The Kalinin K-7, a Russian bomber plane concept from the 1930’s
U.S. Army helicopters touch down in a staging area 50 miles northeast of Saigon in 1966. On the ground, soldiers refuel the helicopters from large rubber tanks
U.S.S. Bunker Hill under attack by kamikaze, 11 November 1943.
UH-1E Helicopters at Fire Support Base Cunningham, 1969 by Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections
US Army Hughes OH-6A light observation helicopter at 1NZATTV compound, Chi Lang, 1972.
US embassy in Vietnam evacuates on April 29, 1975
USS Mississinewa (AO 59) November 20, 1944. This ship was the first to be hit by a Japanese Kaiten manned torpedo. The ship sank with a loss of 63 hands as well as the kaiten pilot. WWII (V)
Vietnam 1969
Vought F4U 4 Corsair VF 884 White A403 USS Boxer Korea 19th May 1951
Vought-F4U-1-Corsairs-VF -12-practising-aerial-maneuvers-USA-26th-Mar-1943

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