Buffalo, NY circa 1905. Jack-Knife Bridge, City ship Canal

79 Historical Photos Of Emergence of 20th Century 1901 – 1905 | History Of History Book Vol-12

Historical Photos of 20th Century beginng Between 1901-1905),History Of History Book Vol-12 – Very Interesting Photos Collection from 1901-1905, You will love see this all historical Photos Collections.

An execution by garrote at the old Bilibid Prison, Manila, Philippines. 1901
Armored Russian Carrier Grumoboi with Imperial Seal 1901
Black sea bass caught with rod and reel by Mrs. A.W. Barrett. To the right is the boatsman and gajffer Jim Gardner 1901
Car ferry, Michigan Central Railroad, entering slip, Detroit River, ca. 1901
Cross-section of a Cuttlefish, from ‘La Photographie des Objets immergés’, by Adolphe-Louis Donnadieu, 1901
General Aguinaldo boards the U.S.S Vicksburg, 1901
Guglielmo Marconi standing far right beside the first motor vehicle to have a radio. The tube on the roof is the aerial. 1901.
Gustave Whitehead and his monoplane taken near Whitehead's Pine Street shop, by Valerian Gribayedoff, 1901
Japanese Merchant in 1901
Leon Czolgosz, assassin of President William McKinley, in prison after the murder, 1901
Lizzie van Zyl was a child inmate (hostage) of Bloemfontein concentration camp who died (9th May, 1901 at age of 7) from typhoid fever during the Second Boer War
Manhattan Bridge Construction in 1901
Officials from the Carnegie Companies gather at the Schenly Hotel in Pittsburgh to celebrate the impending buyout of the Carnegie Steel Company by J P Morgan, January 1, 1901
President McKinley's last speech, delivered September 5, 1901, President's day at the Pan-American exposition, Buffalo. The day before his assassination
Smoke studies by Etienne-Jules Marey, 1901
Stoker in the Boiler room, Glazier Stove Company. Chelsea, Michigan, circa 1901. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company
The Australian House of Representatives in 1901, the first year of its existence.
The First Federal Australian Parliament being opened by the Duke of York in the Exhibition Building, Melbourne, on 9 May, 1901.
The Flatiron Building under construction, 1901
The Pan-American Exposition took place in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1901.
Abrupt awakening, London, 1902, photo by Jack London
Bear wrestling a man, Canada 1902
Governor-General of India George Curzon with his wife Mary Curzon on the elephant Lakshman Prasad in Delhi, 1902.
Immigrants on Ellis Island, New York 1902
July the 14th, 1902. St. Mark’s bell tower falls to the ground due to the enlargement of a crack caused by a lightning.
Operating theatre in the new hospital, Gundagai, New South Wales c. 1902
Saint-Pierre Paris of the West Indies after the eruption of Mt. Pelee in 1902. 30,000 people perished in less than 3 minutes
Simms Motor War Car. 1902.

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