A fireman from the London Fire Brigade, wearing a smoke helmet, ca. 1908

85 Vintage Photos of taken 1908

Very Interesting Photos Collection from 1908 , You will love see this all historical Photos Collections.

1908 A Fairy played by M Ghermanova in The Blue Bird at Moscow Art Theatre
A barber and a British Officer circa 1908
A fireman from the London Fire Brigade, wearing a smoke helmet, ca. 1908
Alexander Graham Bell (right) and his assistants observe the flight of a circular tetrahedral kite. Juli 7, 1908
Artillery shell before and after it's been blasted into 7,000 pieces of shrapnel, circa 1908
Drivers and Mules in a coal mine in Gary, West Virginia, September 1908
Duncan-class pre-dreadnought battleship HMS Exmouth in 1908.
Iceboat and motorcycle race, Toronto Bay, Canada 1908
Night shift in an Indiana glass factory, August 1908
Signal Corps Dirigible No 1, Between 1908
Stern of Zeppelin LZ-4 on Lake Constance outside Manzell, 1908
Swiss teacher Gustavo Michaud with his students from the lyceum of Costa Rica, San José, 1908
The 1908 Wright Flyer at the Hunaudières racecourse at Le Mans, southwest of Paris.
The aftermath of the first fatal aeroplane crash. Arlington, Virginia, USA. 1908
The Wright airplane being towed to the parade grounds of Fort Meyer, Virginia in 1908.
Times Square, 1908
Two men making a death mask, New York, circa 1908
Two Whistles, an Apsaroke man (Crow Native American). His face is painted, wearing a medicine hawk headdress, a buckskin shirt, and a shell necklaces - 1908 by Edward S. Curtis
We wish a prosperous year for all who pass under this lucky shoe Christmastime 1908 Electric Avenue, Brixton, London
Women Archers at the London Olympics, 1908

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