1909 First Coca-Cola delivery truck in Knoxville TN - a 'Rapid Truck manufactured in Pontiac MI

85 Vintage Photos of taken 1909

Very Interesting Photos Collection from 1909, You will love see this all historical Photos Collections.

1909 First Coca-Cola delivery truck in Knoxville TN - a 'Rapid Truck manufactured in Pontiac MI
A crowd in front of the Palais de Justice in Paris during the trial of Marguerite Steinheil on 1 November 1909
About 100 people participating in a lottery to divide a 12 acre plot of sand dunes, that would later become the city of Tel Aviv, 1909
Child laborers, Macon, Georgia, 1909
Concept of a Police woman 1909
E. Lilian Todd, the first woman to design an airplane, at the controls of the plane she designed and built, New York, September 23, 1909
Father Giuseppe Lais working on the at the 'Carte du Ciel' at the Vatican Observatory, 1909
Fred's Trick Dog, McFarland's Studio Presho, South Dakota, 1909.
Grand Opening of Forbes Field, Pittsburgh (Baseball) on April 22, 1909.
Hands of Armenian-American radiologist Mihran Kassabian showing radiation injuries, 1909
Louis Brennan's gyroscopic monorail, 1909
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower at 700 ft. (1909
Mme Decourcelle, first female taxi driver in Paris, 1909
Operator welding with Bernardos arc process, 1909
Paris exhibition of flying machines, 1909
The Berlin Velodrome Disaster, where a pacer motorcycle in a motor-paced cycling race crashed into the stands and caught fire, killing nine, 1909. [
The Royal Navy dreadnought HMS Superb emerges from the dark and filth of the industrial air spring 1909
The Wreck of the Sailing Ship FORREST HALL on Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand, 1909
Wright Model A flies by the Statue of Liberty, 1909

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