Linus an Oregon Wonder Horse with a 14 ft. mane around 1891

91 Must See Historical Photos Taken Between 1891-1895 | History Of History Book Vol-10

Very Interesting Photos Collection from 1891 to 1895, You will love see this all historical Photos Collections.

A man in his tenement living quarters in New York, 1891
A young Oglala (Sioux) girl sitting in front of a tipi, with a puppy beside her, probably on or near Pine Ridge Reservation, 1891.
Baldwin 4-6-0 Locomotive, Blue Mountains, New South Wales. ca.1891
Bulgaria 1981 Communists celebrate the opening of the Buzludha Monument commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Bulgarian Communist Party's founding back in 1891
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde. Gustaf Nordenskiöld 1891
Golden Gate and Fort Point before the bridge was built ca.1891
Gymnastic group, Montreal, QC, 1891
Linus an Oregon Wonder Horse with a 14 ft. mane around 1891
Military Parade in Portland for Visiting President Harrison 1891
Operating Theater, Bellevue, New York. 1891.
Passenger clipper SOBRAON in Sutherland Drydock on Cockatoo Island, Australia, 1891. Constructed of teak over iron, she was the largest composite-hull ship every built.
Swahili Women from Tanzania. 1891 German Photograph
Sylvain Dornon, the man who walked from Paris to Moscow on stilts in 1891. The trip took him 58 days, walking 60 km a day on his 1.20m high stilts.
Turkish soldiers from the Military Academy, 1891

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