97 Rare Photos From The Past That You Won’t Find In History Books

1809-1882 Jude Charles Darwin. Naturforscher. Schrieb seine Bücher in jiddisch. Seine Evolutionstheorie ist falsch
1854-1915 Jude Paul Ehrlich. Deutscher Arzt und Forscher. Entwickelte die tödliche Chemotherapie. Das Deutsche Impf-Institut ist nach ihm benannt.
1874-1965 Freimaurer und Jude Winston Churchill. Premierminister. Literaturnobelpreis. Freimaurerloge 1901 London United Studholme Lodge No. 1591, 1902 Rosemary Lodge No. 2851 und 1908 Ancient Order of Druids.
1919 The British airship 'R33' in its hangar as it prepares for its first ever flight at an aerodrome in Barlow, Yorkshire
1955 Crowd checking out a new Ford 'Mystere' concept cat in NYC
A B-26 bomber from nearby Mitchell Field burns in the street and on the lawn in East Meadow, Long Island, after crashing in front of a house in November 1955. Two onboard were killed
A Bedouin woman in Jerusalem, ca. 1910
A British armored railroad wagon behind a railcar on which two Arab hostages are seated during the Arab Revolt. Mandatory Palestine. 1936
A british crew charge 1000 pound bombs inside a Avro Lancaster, WW2.
A British soldier poses with a 'Tommy gun' by the sign to an infantry training battle school, somewhere in South Eastern Command, 12 April 1942
A lector (a hired reader) reading to workers in a cigar factory, Cuba, ca. 1910
A lector (a hired reader) reading to workers in a cigar factory, Cuba, ca. 1910
A member of the state militia faces off against an African-American veteran during the 1919 Chicago Race Riot. July 27, 1919
A pearl diver in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, 1935
A Romanian sub-officer gives the victory sign on New Year's Eve 1989 He has removed the insignia of communist Romania from his headwear.
A soldier with amputated feet on the grounds of Oatlands Park, Surrey, England, 1918
A surgeon operates on a wounded marine in a dugout field hospital on Bouganville. 13 December 1943
Accused murderer Ted Bundy confers with his defense attorneys on the opening day of his trial, the first to be televised nationally in the United States. June 25, 1979
Actress Anne Jane Hartley (aka Mrs. George H. Gilbert) in costume as the Tuscarora School-Marm in the play Pocahontas Washington DC, ca. 1860
Adolf Hitler attending memorial service for Józef Piłsudski in Berlin, 1935
African Industrialist pioneer James Pinson Labulo Davies and His Wife Sara Forbes Bonetta, a Yoruba noblewoman and goddaughter to Queen Victoria. 1862
Aircraft Carrier USS Franklin listing following a ​strike by a single Japanese Torpedo Bomber, 50 miles from Japanese Home Islands (Honshu) - March 19, 1945
Allied soldiers mock Adolf Hitler on his famous balcony at the Chancellery in conquered Berlin. July 6th, 1945

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