General Art and Industrial Exposition of Stockholm, 1897

Historical Photos of 1897

Very Interesting Photos Collection from 1896-1900, You will love see this all historical Photos Collections

A-4 Skyhawks attacking Phuong Dinh bridge, Vietnam, 1967.
Court day in the Cheapside section of Lexington, Kentucky, November, 1897.
Female worker bottling ketchup at the original Heinz factory circa 1897. Pittsburgh, PA.
General Art and Industrial Exposition of Stockholm, 1897
Great cedar tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, 1897
Kissing the Blarney Stone and (hopefully) gaining the 'Gift of the Gab' in 1897
Men work to feed the USS Massachusetts' coal fired boilers. [1897]
Salomon August Andrée's polar station at Danskøya, Svalbard, Norway before the ill-fated Arctic balloon expedition of 1897
Spartan soldiers guarding a mountain pass on the Grecian border during the Greco-Turkish War, 1897
Survivors of the siege of Canudos, Brasil, 1897
The Masonic Grand Lodge of Arizona meeting in the cave in the mine of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. at Bisbee, Arizona, Nov. 12th 1897
Turbinia, the first steam-turbine ship, runs at speed. 1897
Venetian Canal by Alfred Stieglitz 1897

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