Harvesting the hemp crop with a 'brake.' Kentucky, 1905

Historical Photos Of Emergence of 20th Century 1905

Historical Photos of 20th Century beginning Between 1901-1905),History Of History Book Vol-12 – Very Interesting Photos Collection from 1901-1905, You will love see this all historical Photos Collections.

A catechist that a chief wanted to sell because he taught doctrines that the ancients did not know about Les Baloïs Congo by Father Francois Leray 1905
A student at the University of Madras, India studying for exams with his hair tied to a nail in wall to keep from falling asleep, 1905
A Tonenili-Navajo Indian dressed as the god of rain, c. 1905
Booker T. Washington and Teddy Roosevelt in 1905. Today is Washington's birthday.
Buffalo, NY circa 1905. Jack-Knife Bridge, City ship Canal
Driving through the Wawona Giant Sequoia Tree, c. 1905
Early steam operated merry-go-round. Blackfoot, Idaho, 1905
Edward Drake Roe next to Yerkes Observatory 40-inch telescope (ca 1905)
Elephants on Parade, Coney Island, 1905
Harvesting the hemp crop with a 'brake.' Kentucky, 1905
Interior of Forestry Building at the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, Portland, Oregon. 1905.
Japanese battleship Mikasa - flagship of Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō (Russo-Japanese War - 1905)
King Makoko, seated in a leopard throne, and his Teke tribe... with a French colonial man (Brazzaville, Congo - Africa 1905)
Mississippi River frozen solid, February 1905
On January 26, 1905 the world’s largest diamond was found at the Premier Mine in South Africa. The uncut Cullinan weighted an amazing 3,106.75 carats
Princess Marie of Romania, later Maria of Yugoslavia 1905.
The Helter Skelter Luna Park Coney Island 1905

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