Union Street, San Francisco, after the 1906

Rare Earthquakes Photos Collection from History

Metropolitan Police Department burning at Marunouchi during the 1923 earthquake
Palace Hotel, New Montgomery Street San Francisco in the aftermath of the earthquake and fire of April 18, 1906
Panoramic shot of San Francisco showing the devastation after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in 1906 which killed over 3000
People watch San Francisco burn after the great earthquake of 1906
Photograph taken during the dynamiting dangerously damaged walls on Market Street in San Francisco in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake and fires.
Police Officer speaks with girl on Market Street, San Francisco, 1905
Policemen patrolling Market Street with fixed bayonets in the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake
Preparing food for refugees after the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, 1906
Rescue workers search for survivors after the 1988 Armenian Earthquake
Ruins of church at Santa Rosa after the Ambato Earthquake, August 5th 1949
Sailors walking down a debris-filled street caused by the March 10, 1933 earthquake in Long Beach,California
San Francisco ablaze after the earthquake, April 1906
San Francisco earthquake April 18, 1906. Photographer Arnold Genthe said it shows the results of the earthqu.........................
San Francisco Earthquake Corner of Battery and East Streets. On sidewalk lies dead body of suspected thief, shot by National Guard Captain Ernest Denicke. April 18, 1906
San Francisco residents stand in the rubble-strewn streets watching the fire grow after the earthquake struck on April 18, 1906.
San Francisco, Post and Montgomery Streets, corner of Market Street, after the devastating earthquake and fire, April 1906.
Santa Rosa's city hall building,aolng with much of dwontown santa Rosa , lay in runis after the historic earthquake of April 18, 1906
Smiling Buddha among post-earthquake wreckage Beichuan, China, 2007.
Smoke fills the sky following the San Francisco Earthquake and fire, April 18, 1906
Souvenir Hunters After the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
tent city established as a measure to house the homeless survivors of the 1935 Balochistan earthquake
The Fukui Earthquake in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, June 28, 1948
The Marunouchi District of Tokyo on fire, following the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake
The ruins of San Francisco, still smouldering after the 1906 earthquake, taken from the tower of the Union Ferry Building. Market Street between Sacramento and Third Streets
The San Francisco Call newspaper building in flames after the April 18, 1906
The San Francisco Mission District burning in the aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, April 18, 1906. The maj..................
Tower of City Hall after earthquake and fire. San Francisco, April 1906. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company
Two Looters caught after the San Francisco Earthquake, 1906.
Union Street, San Francisco, after the 1906
Valdivia, Chile after a massive earthquake rocked the city and much of the country, killing over 5,700 people in 1960
Victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake, 1st September 1923
Victorian Downtown San Francisco, ca. 1880s, before it was all destroyed in the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906
View of San Francisco on fire after the 1906 earthquake, by USN Lt Frederic Freeman.
Survivors climb down from the wreck of the Cypress freeway after the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. Of the 63 fatalities, 42 were killed when the freeway's upper deck collapsed onto the lower deck.

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