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Strange Historical Photos Everyone Must See

These 42 Strange Historical Photos Will Leave You Speechless. It is Mind Blowing. ... If you think you know your history, get ready to be humbled. The strange photographs below show a different perspective of historical events, and you probably wouldn’t find them in any school textbook.

1. British soldiers in a trench
Reference -
When - July 1916.
Location - Somme,France
Picture Description - A British soldier looks over a trench during the Battle of the Somme, 1916

2.A German soldier share some of his food with a local Russian mother
Reference -
When - 1941
Location - Eastern Front
Picture Description - When a German soldier shared his scheme with a Russian mother,soldiers on the ground were mostly regular guys, weren't they? Drafted to the war.German Soldiers Sharing Bread with Russian Peasants at Battle of Volkhovsky Forest by Unknown Artist.A German soldier gives food for Russian woman and her hungry child. Photo taken from the photographer for the Division of the Wehrmacht George Gundlach in One of the many, out of the photo album “Volkhov’s battle. Documents of horror.A German soldier share some of his food with a local Russian mother...not everyone in an invading army is inhuman. There is a shred of human

3. A grotto in an iceberg seen during the British Antarctic Expedition
Reference -
When - January 5, 1911
Location - Antarctica
Picture Description - Grotto in an iceberg, photographed during the British Antarctic Expedition of 1911-1913, 5 Jan 1911.Photographer: Herbert Ponting

4.A Model T elevator garage
Reference -
When - 1936.
Location - Chicago
Picture Description -An elevator parking lot, where the cars are hoisted up on individual platforms to save space, early 1920s.-Freestanding 48 Car Elevator Parking Garage in Downtown Chicago's business district, 1936. Built by the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.

5.A mother shamefully hides her face after listing her children for sale in
Reference -
When - August 4, 1948
Location - Chicago’s East Side
Picture Description - The Story Behind The Picture, This picture was taken August 4, 1948, and published in a Chicago newspaper. After the picture appeared in papers throughout the US, offers of jobs, homes and financial assistance poured in.The mother, Lucille Chalifoux, was shielding her eyes from the camera, not sobbing as I first thought, according to the newspaper reports from the time, but then how do we really know. She was 24, married to an unemployed man 16 years older, and pregnant with her fifth child in six years at the time of the photo. Who’s to judge her true feelings?What Happened Next.

6. A newspaper vendor selling newspapers at a Union camp during the Civil War
Reference -
When - 1863
Location -Virginia, a southeastern U.S. state
Picture Description - During the civil war era, newspapers were quite dominant medium of communication. In this picture, a newspaper vendor is seen selling at a Union camp in 1863

7.A picture of the young Charlie Chaplin
Reference -
When - 1916
Location - San Francisco
Picture Description - A picture of the young Charlie Chaplin at age 27 in 1916

8. A police officer on a Harley-Davidson transports a prisoner in a holding cell
Reference -
When - 1921
Location - Unkwon
Picture Description - Police officer on a Harley & an old fashioned mobile holding cell 1921

9.A slave dealer
Reference -
When - 1861-65
Location - Alexandria, Virginia.
Picture Description - Before slavery was outlawed in America, companies could buy and sell human beings. The company depicted in this image - Price, Birch & Co - was located in Alexandria, Virginia.Note the company's purpose in the sign above the door: "Dealers in Slaves."

10. Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address
Reference -
When -Saturday, March 4, 1865 .
Location - United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.
Picture Description -This image Lincoln delivering his second inaugural address is the most famous photograph of the event. Lincoln stands in the center, with papers in his hand. Abraham Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address on March 4, 1865, during his second inauguration as President of the United States. Lincoln balanced that rejection of triumphalism, however, with recognition of the unmistakable evil of slavery.

11.Proving that London's double-decker buses were not a tipping hazard, 1933
Reference -
When - April 1933
Location -London
Picture Description -For those who have visited London and wondered how they know their double-decker buses won’t fall over, this is apparently how they find out. Per police regulation, employees of the London General Omnibus Company put their 60-person bus to a “tilt test”. The test was considered passed if the double-decker buses would tilt 28 degrees without tipping. There are sand bags in the upper deck to simulate 60 passengers.

12. An Australian soldier watches a Japanese solider commit suicide with a grenade. New Guinea, December 1942
Reference -
When - December 18, 1942
Location - New Guinea
Picture Description - A Japanese soldier in the water off Cape Endaiadere, New Guinea moments before committing suicide with a grenade he is holding to his head. The Australian soldier on the beach had called on him to surrender, including demonstrating with his hands.

13.An Austrian class picture with a young Adolf Hitler
Reference -
When - 1899
Location - Braunau, Austria
Picture Description - An Austrian class picture with a young Adolf Hitler (tallest boy in the back line) in 1899

14. Construction of the Berlin Wall
Reference -
When -20 November 1961
Location - Near Germany
Picture Description -East German construction workers building the Berlin Wall.

15.Elliott Erwitt photographed public water fountains in North Carolina, demonstrating the issue of segregation in the American South
Reference -
When -1950
Location - North Carolina, USA,
Picture Description -This photograph was taken by Elliot Erwitt represents the injustice of segregation of black and white people in America during this time.At the time the image was an example of how much things needed to change, now we see this photograph we can see how much times have changed and to reflect on the past. The interesting thing about this photograph is that we don’t necessarily need to know any background information. The photograph itself tells the story. The ‘white’ water fountain is visibly more luxurious than the ‘colored’. We can therefore see straight away that the image is simply evidence of controversial inequality. We can see on the man’s face him glancing almost longingly at the ‘white’ fountain.

16. German Einsatzgruppen (death squads) executive Ukrainians Jews in 1942
Reference -
When -1942
Location -Ivanhorod
Picture Description - Killing of Jews in Ivanhorod, Ukraine, A woman is attempting to protect a child with her own body just before they are fired upon with rifles at close range.

17. 6th Army soldiers marching to Stalingrad, 1942
Reference -
When -1942
Location -Stalingrad
Picture Description - Out of the nearly 110,000 German prisoners captured in Stalingrad, only about 6,000 ever returned. Already weakened by disease, starvation and lack of medical care during the encirclement, they were sent on death marches (75,000 survivors died within 3 months of capture) to prisoner camps and later to labor camps all over the Soviet Union.

18.Here U.S. and Soviet tanks are having a standoff
Reference -
When -October 1961.
Location -Checkpoint Charlie,Friedrichstraße Berlin, Germany
Picture Description -The four powers governing Berlin (Soviet Union, United States, United Kingdom, and France) had agreed at the 1945 Potsdam Conference that Allied personnel could move freely in any sector of Berlin. But on 22 October 1961, just two months after the construction of the Wall, the US Chief of Mission in West Berlin, E. Allan Lightner, was stopped in his car (which had occupation forces license plates) while crossing at Checkpoint Charlie to go to a theatre in East Berlin. The former Army General Lucius D. Clay, US President John F. Kennedy's Special Advisor in West Berlin, decided to demonstrate American resolve.

19.Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces during the battle of Shanghai
Reference -
When - 1937
Location - Jiangsu coast
Picture Description -Japanese marines landed north and south of Shanghai. This picture may have been taken on the Jiangsu coast, which is north of the city. Despite the fact that the chemical weapons were prohibited by international laws, the Imperial Japanese Army frequently used chemical weapons during the war against China. In terms of the imagery, this photo is a perfect blend of WWI and WWII. The use of poison gas in warfare is far more common and extensive in WWI and the mobile warfare was the new method during the Second World War.

20.Massive crowds gather as Swami Satchidananda gives the opening speech at Woodstock in
Reference -
When -August 15,1969
Location -Bethel,New York
Picture Description -Sri Swami Satchidananda opened the Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, addressing a crowd of approximately 500,000.

21. Mount Rushmore , before construction began on the famous sculptures of the four presidents
Reference -
When -1905
Location -USA
Picture Description -A few hundred workers, most of whom were miners, sculptors, or rock climbers, used dynamite, jackhammers, and chisels to remove material from the mountain. A stairway was constructed to the top of the mountain, where ropes were fixed. Workers were supported by harnesses attached to the ropes.The irises of the eyes were sculpted as holes. A cube of granite was left in each to represent the reflection highlight thereby making the appearance of the eyes more realistic.Construction began on October 4, 1927. In 1935 Borglum appointed Italian immigrant Luigi Del Bianco as chief carver.

22.Nazi soldiers getting ready for an assault in Stalingrad in 1942
Reference -
When -1942
Location - September 1942
Picture Description -In September 1942, the German commander of the Sixth Army, General Paulus, assisted by the Fourth Panzer Army, advanced on the city of Stalingrad

23.Nazi SS troops lounging outside of the Olympic Games in Berlin, 1936
Reference -
When - August 1936.
Location -Berlin,Germany
Picture Description - German SS men resting on the south lawn of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany, August 1936

24.Painter painting the Brooklyn Bridge
Reference -
When - December 3, 1915
Location -Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Picture Description - Brooklyn Bridge painters at work high above New York City, on Date December 1915

25. Golf on a Skyscraper, 1932
Reference -
When - (1932)
Location - Manhattan, New York City, United States
Picture Description - Golf on a Skyscraper, 1932. Photo by Charles C. Ebbets.

26.Simone Segouin, the 18 year old French Resistance fighter, 1944
Reference -
When - 3rd of October, 1925,
Location -Chartres,france
Picture Description - Her name was Simone Segouin, also known by her nom de guerre Nicole Minet. When this photo was taken she was 18 years old. The girl had killed two Germans in the Paris fighting two days previously and also had assisted in capturing 25 German prisoners of war during the fall of Chartres.

27.Sun tan vending machine in 1949
Reference -
When - Jan. 19, 1949.
Location -Chicago.
Picture Description -A model demonstrates how the spray nozzle is held of the new Sun-Tan Lotion dispenser at the Annual Vending Machine Convention in Chicago. The machine was designed for use at pools, beaches and tennis courts. A 30 second spray job could be had for a dime!

28.The Dalai Lama's baby picture.
Reference -
When - February 22, 1940
Location -Lhasa
Picture Description -.His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, describes himself as a simple Buddhist monk. He is the spiritual leader of Tibet. He was born on 6 July 1935, to a farming family, in a small hamlet located in Taktser, Amdo, northeastern Tibet. At the age of two, the child, then named Lhamo Dhondup, was recognized as the reincarnation of the previous 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso.

29.The German 7th Panzer Division prepares to invade the Soviet Union
Reference -
When - June 1942
Location - Vichy France
Picture Description -Adelbert Schulz, commander of 25 Panzer Regiment, the main striking force of the 7th Panzer Division, near a Panzer III in June 1942

30. The horrific aftermath of an IRA terrorist bombing in Coventry, England, in
Reference -
When -August 1939
Location - England
Picture Description -IRA members, Barnes and Richards, are executed at Winson Green Prison, Birmingham. They were sentenced to death on December 1939 at the "Coventry Explosion" trial for the murder of 5 people in Coventry on AugustThe Irish Republican Army, or IRA, started its century-long history struggling for an independent Ireland, free from British rule.

31.The Olympic (left) next to the more famous Titanic, probably the only photograph of the two sister ships together.
Reference -
When -March 6, 1912
Location - Queen’s Island, UK
Picture Description - Olympic (left) being manoeuvred into dry dock in Belfast for repairs on the morning of 2 March 1912 after throwing a propeller blade. Titanic (right) is moored at the fitting-out wharf. Olympic would sail for Southampton on 7 March, concluding the last time the two ships would be photographed together

32.The One Wheel Motorcycle, which could reach a top speed of 93 mph (1931)
Reference -
When -1931
Location -Spain
Picture Description -The monowheel became something of a trend between world wars, when excited visions of the future seemed to spring from the joy that there even would be a future. Although dozens of varieties rolled out over the years since the 1860s, you're unlikely to see one. They now exist mostly in patent applications, magazine covers, and a handful of garages. Unsurprisingly, they’ve made plenty of appearances in sci-fi flicks, adding a measure of cool to otherwise mediocre movies.

33.The Reich Chancellery, the office of the chancellor of Germany and the ministries of the Reich, in 1939
Reference -
When -1939
Location - Berlin-Mitte ,Germany
Picture Description -The New Reich Chancellery, pictured here at the junction of Hermann-Göring-Straße and Voßstraße in 1939.

34.These are the ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, 1870-1885
Reference -
When -1870-1885
Location - Baalbek, Lebanon, CA
Picture Description - The columns support a richly carved entablature. Inside, the cella is decorated with Corinthian "half-columns" flanking two levels of niches on each side, containing scenes from the birth and life of Bacchus. The adyton (inner shrine) stands above a flight of steps. Some historic Roman coins depict the structure of this temple along with Temple of Jupiter.The storm god Ba'al was worshipped in this temple.

35.The streets of chicago (1967)
Reference -
When - 1967
Location - Chicago
Picture Description -The streets of Chicago in 1967. Chicago was the economic hub of the great westward expansion and basically grew out of railroads and industry, especially meat processing. For a time Chicago had far more money and people coming in then it could expand organically to fit so it really planned itself to become a major metropolis to rival New York. It was a petri dish for the modern subburb, electrical grids, water works, public transportation, and even skyscrapers.

36.This bicycle fit a family of four and it included a sewing machine (1939)
Reference -
When - 1939
Location -Chicago
Picture Description - Family fun on a family bicycle outing. A bicycle that fits a family of four, including a sewing machine. “This was a real bicycle that was designed during the It was so that the entire family, or a family of four, could ride it. or ride on it. One person steered while.

37. A Punt Gun, used for duck hunting but were banned because they depleted stocks of wild fowl, 1910-1920
Reference -
When -October 1911
Location -
Picture Description - Size comparison of a man and punt gun.A punt gun is a type of extremely large shotgun used in the 19th and early 20th centuries for shooting large numbers of waterfowl for commercial harvesting operations. Punt guns were usually custom-designed and varied widely, but could have bore diameters exceeding 2 inches (51 mm) and fire over a pound of shot at a time. A single shot could kill over 50 waterfowl resting on the water's surface. They were too big to hold and the recoil was so large that they had to be mounted directly on punts used for hunting, hence their name. Hunters would manoeuvre their punts quietly into line and range of the flock using poles or oars to avoid startling them. Generally the gun was fixed to the punt; thus the hunter would manoeuvre the entire boat in order to aim the gun. The guns were sufficiently powerful, and the punts themselves sufficiently small, that firing the gun often propelled the punt backwards several inches or more. To improve efficiency, hunters could work in fleets of up to around ten punts.In the United States, this practice depleted stocks of wild waterfowl and by the 1860s most states had banned the practice. The Lacey Act of 1900 banned the transport of wild game across state lines, and the practice of market hunting was outlawed by a series of federal laws in 1918.

38.Three kids and their spooky Halloween people costumes (1900)
Reference -
When - (1900)
Location - US
Picture Description- Three kids and their spooky "Halloween people" costumes We always have the option of making our kids SUPER creepy.odditiesoflife: “Creepy Vintage Halloween Photographs These wonderfully creepy images of Halloween’s past come from the book, Haunted Air. The book features dozens of anonymous vintage Halloween.Haunted Air by Ossian Brown, freaky Halloween photos, all dating between 1875 and Here is a glimpse of how the old, weird America celebrated All-Hallows Eve.

39.Troops at the battle of Khe Sanh, Vietnam, 1968. This was one of the longest, most violent battles of the war, lasting 77 days
Reference -
When -21 January and 9 July 1968
Location - Khe Sanh Combat Base (Khe Sanh), Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam
Picture Description-The Battle of Khe Sanh (21 January and 9 July 1968) was conducted in the Khe Sanh area of northwestern Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), during the Vietnam War. The main US forces defending Khe Sanh Combat Base (KSCB) were two regiments of US Marines supported by elements from the United States Army and the United States Air Force. There were also a small number of South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) troops. These were pitted against two to three divisional-size elements of the North Vietnamese Army.

40. U.S. troops begin their day in a daze after a third night of fierce fighting against North Vietnamese forces
Reference -
When - October 9, 1971
Location - North Vietnam
Picture Description - U.S. troops begin their day in a daze after a third night of fierce fighting against North Vietnamese forces.

41. The last kiss, a picture from World War II
Reference -
When - 1940
Location - USA
Picture Description-  WII soldiers get their last kiss before being deployed (1940s)

42. Zeppelin over the Pyramids in 1931. They were big in the 1930s, before the Hindenburg crash
Reference -
When - April 10,1931.
Location - Cairo, Egypt
Picture Description- Stereograph of LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin flying over Cairo on 10 April 1931.The Graf Zeppelin had visited Palestine in April 1929 and the second flight to the Middle East took place in 1931 with a flight to Cairo, Egypt, beginning on 9 April and where the airship landed less than two days later. After a brief stop, the Graf Zeppelin proceeded on to Palestine before returning to Friedrichshafen on 13 April, just an hour over four days after departure. The trip took 97 hours, covered 9,000 km (5,600 mi) and crossed 14 countries on three continents.

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