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Weird Must-See Photos From History

These old photos from history are so strange, you need to see them. It's unbelievable what people used to do. What weird historic photos.

A 1939 lie detector machine that measured the emotional reaction of kisses(Via -

A boy riding his tricycle in Baltimore in 1968 (Via -

A building collapses after a 1965 fire in Iran (Via -

A construction worker stands on a beam of building at 40 Wall Street, 1930 (Via -

A dog dressed up in a suit with a cat in his lap for a picture 1950s (Via -

A man posing with his collection in 1850 (Via -

A portrait taken of a woman while she was mid-sneeze 1900 (Via -

A prohibition era sign, speaking out against liquor (Via -

Admiral Byrd’s snow cruiser passes through traffic and onlookers His presence caused a traffic jam that went on for 20 miles in a jam and involved 70,000 automobiles (Via -

Adolf Hitler rehearsing a speech in front of a mirror 1925 (Via -

An haunting Image In 1865 (Via -

Chicago police arresting bathers for indecent exposure in 1922 (Via -

Circa 1920s, a picnic at Los Angeles' California Aligator Farm, where patrons were allowed to mingle freely among trained alligators (Via -

Coney Island, NYC in 1949 (Via -

Dental students observing in the Oral Surgery Clinic at the Philadelphia General Hospital in 1910 (Via -

Dinner on horseback at Sherry's Restaurant in New York City, 1903 (Via -

Face Cones”, a fashionable way to protect yourself during snowstorms 1939 (Via -

First successful aerial color photograph of the Statue of Liberty (Via -

Fraternity brothers participating in a panty raid at the University of Southern California, sometime during the 1950's (Via -

The Luna Park Alligator Farm, A baby stands near a group of alligators, because you know, that seems safe. (Via -

Ghosts captured on film, circa 1920 (Via -

Halloween party, circa 1900 (Via -

Horatio Gordon Robley and his collection of severed heads, 1895 (Via -

In 1913, two children were mailed by post and rail (Via -

Little girl visiting the Los Angeles Alligator Farm in the 1920s. Safety regulations have changed a lot since then (Via -

little witch on her broomstick, circa 1865 (Via -

Muslim Bandit in, Xinjiang, China, sometime around 1915 (Via -

Maria Spelterini crossing the Niagara gorge on a tightrope with peach baskets on her feet in 1876 (Via -

Not a hatless head in this crowd of New Yorkers in 1939 (Via -

Sean Connery and Shirley Eaton on the set of Goldfinger (Via -

Soldiers looting after a San Francisco earthquake in 1906. It is said that 3,000 people died and about 80% of the city was destroyed (Via -

Sylvain Dornon, the man who walked from Paris to Moscow on stilts in 1891. The trip took him 58 days (Via -

The crowded and happy ship bringing back troops to New York harbor after V-Day in 1945 (Via -

The diving horses of the steel pier in Atlantic City, late 1890s (Via -

The first black pilot in history, Ahmet Ali Çelikten (Via -

The first gay pride parade in Dallas, Texas, which took place on June 24, 1972 (Via -

The Lincoln Memorial being erected in 1922 (Via -

The Lion's Gate Bridge under construction near Vancouver, 1938 (Via -

The Las Vegas Strip in 1968 (Via -

Victorian women and their guests circa 1890s (Via -

The Liberian oil tanker Argo Merchant, breaking apart off Nantucket, 1976 (Via -

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