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Women At Work Must-See Photographs From The Past

Women At Work - These old photographs from history are so Beautiful, you need to see them twice atleast. It's Rare what Women used to do in Past.Contribution of Womens in WWI & WWII Is Unbelievable. Women also played an important role in British industrial production during the war, in areas such as metals, chemicals, munitions, shipbuilding and engineering. At the beginning of the war in 1939 17.8% of women made up employment in these industries and by 1943 they made up 38.2%

A female mechanic reclines under a car while performing repairs to the vehicle, 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

A female street car conductor on a trolley line in Washington, DC, on December 8, 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

A large number of women were employed by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway during the first world war.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

A male and a female riveter work side by side at a factory in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1942(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

A woman drives a delivery van pulled by a pair of horse 16 August 1916(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

African-American women in WWII(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

British motor ambulance drivers with their vehicles, Étaples, France, on June 27, 1917, during World War I(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

B-25 bomber cowl assembly, North American Aviation, Kansas City, Kansas. October 1942.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

British women carpenters near the front, during World War I, circa 1915(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

British women took up jobs as carpenters to help their country during World War IBritish women's auxiliary force which may be used for many things behind the firing line, lined up for parade just before their departure for France, on August 26, 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Cowgirls of Pasadena, California(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Dorothy Webb and Rene Davis working on aeroplanes. March 24, 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

During World War II, Alabama Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company in Mobile employed about 100 women as welders.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

February 1943. Heil & Co., Milwaukee. “Agnes Cliemka, age 23, husband may be going into the service any day. Agnes used to work in a department store. Checking fuel hose on gasoline trail(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Fee Perez inspects .30 caliber rifle and machine gun bullets at Remington Arms Company's Bridgeport, Connecticut, plant alongside a photo of her husband, Melburn, who is serving overs(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Female labourers push loaded wheel barrows on a construction site in Coventry Circa 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Female welders who replaced men called to serve in World War II work at a steel mill in 1942(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Flame cutting of a slab is done by four-torch machine controlled and operated by one woman(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Girls loop stockings at Ipswich Mills, Boston. Massachusetts(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Helen Campbell, the first wireless operator of National League for Women's Service. at work on May 8, 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Here, a woman rivets an airplane wing at a munitions factory.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

June 1942. Engine inspector for North American Aviation at Long Beach, California.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Maine's Only Woman Machinist Wears Overalls. in Portland, Maine, Miss Lillian Johnson has the distinction of being the only woman machinist in the state of Maine.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Members of a riveting team at an aircraft factory use rivet guns and bucking bars to work on a basis trainer plane wing center section(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Members of the British Women's Land Army harvesting beetroot, 1942(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Members of the Women's Police Service pose during World War One(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Members of the Women's Reserve Ambulance Corps pose during World War One June 1916(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Miss Marie Breslin, first class 'Yoeman' assistant to Commander G.G. Mitchell in charge of the Charlestown Navy Yard.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Mrs. Amos Pinchot and other women outside the Court of Special Sessions, in Brooklyn, during the trial of Margaret Sanger, indicted for her teachings on birth control(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

October 1942. “Douglas Aircraft plant at Long Beach, California. An A-20 bomber being riveted by a woman worker.” (With, yes, a power drill.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

October 1942. Lathe operator machining parts for transport planes at the Consolidated Aircraft plant in Fort Worth, Texas.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

October 1942. Long Beach, California. “Girl riveting machine operator at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant joins sections of wing ribs to reinforce the inner wing assemblies of B-17F hea(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Photojournalist Helen Johns Kirtland in a trench during World War I. She is wearing a helmet and great coat, and has a gas mask hanging around her neck(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Suffragettes Aid Recruiters To Enlist Men for the Navy. Miss Frances E. Fitch one of the pretty suffragettes who aided in enlisting men for the Navy by placing Navy Posters in store wi(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

The first of twenty-six American girls who have been selected for the hazardous work of driving one of the American ambulances in Russia.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women at Work at Wright's Biscuits. Production of Wright's Biscuit factory in South Shields,(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women employed as roundhouse wipers having lunch, Chicago & North Western Railroad, Clinton, Iowa. Marcella Hart is at left, Mrs. Elibia Siematter at right. April 1943(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women employees at Tubular Alloy Steel Corp. in Gary, Ind. predominate at pep meeting, 1943.(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women forestry workers have their lunch sitting on a pile of logs 22 May 1918(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women from various backgrounds and experiences offering their services in support of World War I at the office of the New York City Women's Suffrage Party on 34th Street on March 30, 1(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women laborers clear tracks of spilled materials, Gary, Ind. 1943(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women making flags at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York, on July 7, 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women of West Side Branch of New York County Chapter of the Red Cross working in Schwab Home. In the Billiard room(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women pull farm equipment in a field during World War I, in Oise, France, in 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women railroad workers in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad shops during World War I in Lorain, Ohio. May 14, 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women war workers pull a truckload of boxes on the Midland Railway in Somerton, Somerset 4 May 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women work at Cross Farm in Shackleton, Surrey 19 April 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women work in a French munitions factory Circa 1916(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women workers assemble decoy During WWII(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women workers at the Gas Light and Coke Company at Bromley By Bow, London, serve tea on top of a gasomete 11 June 1918(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Women's Mounted Emergency Corps, circa 1917(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Working on a potato crop during World War I(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

Yet another still from the Technicolor pajama party that was the American aircraft industry in World War II “Women at work on bomber, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California.O(Via - https://www.pinterest.com)

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